Harvard University : A Farewell Message from President

Hello, wonderful Harvard University! Today, I have something important to share with all of you. It’s not easy for me, but I want to talk about why I’m saying goodbye as the president of Harvard.

Harvard University Deep Love for Harvard

I love Harvard with all my heart, but sometimes, we need to make tough decisions. I have enjoyed working with all of you to make Harvard a place of incredible learning and excellence. But after talking with some important folks, I realized that it’s best for Harvard if I step down. It’s not about just me; it’s about what’s best for our whole Harvard family.

Harvard University : A Farewell Message from President

Harvard University A Special Place

Harvard is like a big family to me. It’s been my home and the source of inspiration for a very long time. I’ve spent a big part of my career here, and being a part of Harvard is a huge honor. But lately, things have been a bit tough, and I want our Harvard family to focus on the university, not just one person.

Harvard University Navigating Challenges Together

Leaving is hard because I had big plans to make Harvard even better. But sometimes, when there are challenges, it’s important to step aside so everyone can work together to make things right. This way, our Harvard community can face the tough times and come out stronger.

Unity and Trust

Harvard should be a place of unity and trust, where we support each other during tough times. Recently, though, there have been some disagreements that made it harder for us to stand together. It hurts to see the trust we built slowly weaken. But I truly believe that, by focusing on Harvard as a whole, we can come together again.

A Difficult Time

These past months have been tough for all of us. It’s hard for me to see the Harvard family divided and facing so many challenges. Doubt has been cast on my dedication to fighting hate and keeping our studies top-notch. It’s been even scarier to face personal attacks because of the color of my skin. But I believe in the values that make me who I am, and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together.

Moving Forward with Love

I want you to know that I leave with a heavy heart but a lot of love for Harvard. I believe in the strength of this community, and I know you’ll face the challenges ahead with determination and unity. Remember, even when there are bumps in the road, the Harvard family is strong, and together, you can overcome anything.

Harvard University Gratitude and Good Wishes

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. I wish nothing but the best for Harvard and all of you. Let’s continue to make Harvard a place of learning, understanding, and love.